Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: August 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009


Rome was so beautiful. Therefore this post will be mostly pictures (and lots of them) but I also have some stories to tell along the way.

Sirlei's first plane ride.

Sirlei is such a good traveler!!! We lucked out being we love to travel so much. She had a 9 1/2 hour plane ride to Rome and fortunately for us she either slept in her own chair, sat up and played or ate. I'm being serious when I say she only cried once, and that was my fault, and she cried for maybe a minute. When we were exiting the plane everybody said they did not even realize a baby had been on the there. (don't mind that she is only in her diaper. The plane ride was pretty hot plus sirlei prefers being naked to being clothed. I hope she eventually grows out of that.) And now Rome.

Sitting on the Spanish Steps

Apparently Brittany and Farah have a thing for Italian Police Men.

I don't know if you can see the names of the stores behind me but there was Gucci, Dior and others. If only I could afford to even step into one.

Happy as can be
and kickin her feet up.

Us in front of the Trevi Fountain.

Can you tell how hot it was in Rome?

Since it was so hot I dipped her toes in the Trevi Fountain.
I dipped her toes in about every fountain I saw, and in Rome there are fountains everywhere.

Us in Old Rome
Sirlei so happy to be at the Colloseum.

Farah and Sirlei. We took Farah to help out with Sirlei on the trip.
Thanks for all you help!

Our little family in front of the Colloseum

Wouldn't it be nice to kick your feet up and be pushed all over Rome

Our hotel at night.

Britt, Hano and Sirlei at the Vatican

Inside St. Peters Chapel. It was amazing to see all the detail inside that building.

Coolin off on the Marble in St. Peters Chapel

This was the start of a long and tiring climb. To get to the top of the cupola you had to climb 320 stairs!!! Steep stairs!! And once you start you can't change your mind the staircase is to small to turn around!

The stairs started like this. It seemed like they would never end. Then when you thought it was over they turned to this.
Which I truly believed would never end, but when they finally did it turned into a spiral staircase and then another spiral staircase which was so small there was a rope hanging fthrough the middle to help you up it!! I don't have pictures of the spiral staircases becuase at that point all I could do was try not to fall down them with Sirlei. Oh yeah did I mention I packed my chubby little daughter up the whole way!!!

View from the top

Finally on top of the Cupola. I know this picture of me is horrible but I packed Sirlie all the way to the top so I'm proud of it.

Hanging out at another Piazza.

Sirlei enjoying Rome!

Mauricio and Sirlei at the Museum.

Nursing next to the picture of the Last Supper. I nursed everywhere in Rome:)

Eating dinner across the street from the Colloseum.

Isn't the architecture beautiful. I couldn't imagine leaving in a building that looked like this.

Just hanging out on our last night. Iloved that there were beautiful areas with fountains and statues just to sit and relax at.

This was at a piazza on our last night. I let Sirlei play in the fountain.

It was a long trip home:( As you can see both Sirlei and I were so tired. We fly stand by so we missed almost every flight (i feel lucky to be home right now and not stuck in an airport somewhere between here and Rome). Also at the Newark Airport our laptop was stolen!!! Right out of our carry on bag because the stupid airport made us gate check it and being busy with sirlei we didn't think to pull it out of the bag before they took it.

Rome was so amazing we didn't even get close to seeing everything we could have but what we did see blew me away. I leave you with a pic.

Here Comes the Bride

My sister Jenni got married about a month ago and finally got her pictures back so I thought I would post some of them. The wedding was at the Gallivan Center and it turned out so BEAUTIFUL but it was soooooooooooooooo HOT!!! Congrats Jen and Mike. Best Wishes. I am so happy for both of you. Enjoy the Pics.

Jen, Mike, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Her flowers were Gorgeous!

The newlyweds:)

Sirlei and Jen

Sirlei was so good the whole time. Even though she was so hot

Me, Jen, Chris and Kaitlan
I loved our dresses.

The whole family

Just Married!!!

Her cake was so pretty. I loved it!!

P.S. Pics of Rome coming soon....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Is Sirlei So HaPpY?

Why is Sirlei so HaPpY you ask?

Because her PaSsPoRt came today!!!

She can hardly contain herself... but why does she need her passport you ask?

Because she's going to RoMe!!!

With her MoM and DaD of course

Oh yeah, and with TiA BrItTaNy, TiO HaNo, and TiA FaRaH!!!

We leave on SaTuRdAy!!!

Boy all this excitement has made her tired...

She's off to take a NaP!!!