Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: More Pics

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Pics

I know it seems like all I do is post pics of her lately but I use this as a scrapbook to keep track of the big and little events that happen in our life. These pics were taken after her bath, notice as her hair gets dryer and dryer it gets crazier and crazier:) It just won't lay flat. I love it though!

Her hair is combed down all nice

still mostly combed down

starting to dry

getting dryer


Dry and out of control (if you can't tell she is tired of me taking her picture by now)

Here's Twinks, she is pretty good with the baby but can be a bit jealous.


The Coach and his Wife said...

I cant believe how big she is getting! She looks so different than the last time I saw her. Oh its making me want to have a baby..I need to stop looking! She is so adorable!

Fabiane Snell said...

Guys!! I am so glad you guys have a blog! I was dying to see the picture of your guys little one..SHE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! LINDA! CONGRATULATIONS!!! keep those pictures coming!!!!