Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: Another Baby Girl!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Baby Girl!

It seems like almost everyone I know is having or has had a baby girl ( Sirlei will have lots of friends!). Today we went to the baby blessing of a family friend named Vanessa. Her daughter Ariana looked so beautiful and small its already hard for me to remember that Sirlei was once that small. They grow to fast. It was good to see everyone again. Here is a picture of all Sirlei's friends and their mama's.

Here's some cute pics of Sirlei I took today just for fun. She is getting so big she will be 4 months in a week!!!


Amanda&Brady said...

oh they grow so fast! wait untill they are 4 and think they have the world figured out!! little brady told my to calm down the other day!!

The Coach and his Wife said...

She is getting so big, I cant believe how fast babies grow!

The Coach and his Wife said...

i may be withholding some information :) i thought i told you via text?