Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: BRASIL!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mauricio update. I got back from brazil on sunday after I left on thursday the week before, I took some gifts down to one of my friends in Rio de Janeiro that I have not seen for almost 5 years. It was such a blast I got to see my brazilian "nephew" he was cool I remember when the mom was barely finding out that she was pregnant. Time flies! Well while I was there we really didn't have much time I just spent one night and came back the following day, I know its crazy I spent more time in the air then on the ground. We went to eat at a rodizio style restaurant, but with about 40 more different styles of cooked meat, seafood, sushi and pasta, and here's the kicker it is one of the nicest in rio and it was only about 10 US dollars a person. Any way the next day for lunch we went to Habibs. It is a middle eastern type restaurant that is awesome. It was great tho I hadn't traveled to brazil for at least a year and it felt so good to be back although quick, it was nice.

These are called Esfihas.

This is my Brazilian nephew.

He is very full of energy and loves to play, it was great to see him tho I had a great time playin around with him while I was there. He sure does love his chocolate.

I love this family the husband and I were old mission companions.

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Amanda and the Bradys said...

My hubby is so jealous!! He wants to go back so bad! Good to see you guys are doing well. Sorry I missed your shower, i don't have a normal life so doing normal things just aren't normal for me!! Miss ya