Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: Baby Update

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Update

So I went to the doctor on Monday and I am still only dilated to a 1 and about 50% effaced so I hope things start moving along a little faster this week. I know my due date isn't till next thursday but I really just want to have her!


Scott and Malorie said...

The last few weeks are always the worst because you are so ready to have the little bundle of joy and time just goes by so slow! Good luck with everything and post pics soon of the little cutie. I can't wait to see all of her dark hair.

The Coach and his Wife said...

WOW! I cant believe it is time for you to have your baby! I am sure it has not gone by as fast for you though! Best of luck with everything-I am excited to hear how it goes with the hypnobirthing!

The Francis Family said...

Isn't it so hard just waiting and waiting and waiting...! Especially when you're just ready to go. I hope your labor and delivery go well for the two of you. I'm excited to see pictures, so you better post them!