Cuatro Vidas Un Amor: Weekend

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well this past weekend was fun mauricio's sister has been looking for a car to buy and since he's the family go to guy for cars and any problem they may have, he took her to a car auction. He said it was funny cuz out of nowhere his sister asked him to start bidding on a newer model car I guess and then as soon as she saw the audi come out she started drooling over that car well all in all at the end of the day they ended up getting her the audi which was a great deal from what he tells me. Then again he loves his cars so anychance he gets he's under the hood of his. ha ha ha. We went to a new brazilian restaurant at the gateway after the boys got out of priesthood, (it gave me some great time just to relax at home.) called Tucanos, mauricio loves the food it remind him a little of brazil. Afterwards we went and bought stuff for our traditional big conference breakfast that he cooks for the both of us, it was nice just to sit and relax. On wednesday we went to our check-up for the baby and everything is great and hearing the heart beat of the baby is always great as well. This weekend Mauricio says he has a surprise for our anniversary, so I'm excited.

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