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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well I know its been a while since we posted so here is gonna come an update. ha ha ha. For starters we are gonna put up a picture of our latest ultrasound where we found out that we are having a girl. Also mauricio is still workin on his car he plans to do some more rennovations to it, so its comin along pretty nice its hhis project car and he enjoys it. We are planning on a little weekend getaway because it'll be our 1 Year ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast the time flies, plus it'll be my birthday!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Our Baby Sirlei is always moving so I'm excited because she should be a good dancer so we are playing music for her all the time, although we both play different types of music, I usually play classical, ballet, slow, and slow spanish music, while mauricio plays a little hip hop, r&b, and salsa, so we figure she'll be well balanced. It's funny though she'll be moving like crazy and then when mauricio puts his hand on my stomach to feel she stops, then again he only puts it on for like a few minutes, but I always laugh when she does that. He says that she is already givin him attitude. ha ha ha but the he always feel her move every now and then so its ok.

Other good news my sister got a new job workin for HAFB so she is excited and happy about that. We also got a recent calling at our ward, we are now nursery teachers, we are happy about that plus we neeed all the practice we can get. ha ha ha.

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Emily & Eric said...

Yeah! A new post. I cant even believe that it has been a year since you guys got married. It seriously feels like last month. Anyway congrats! And good idea to pratice on other peoples kids in nursery. Thats funny!